We are a team of specialists witch many years of experience in creating business solutions for our clients. We realize that nowadays, flexibility and effectiveness of our IT solutions is of the most importance. Especially, allowing our clients to get up to speed with the demands of the current market, and make it possible for them to implement changes and manage their resources in a dynamic way. Trying to respond to those expectations, our offer is designed to:


Provide flexible solutions – our products base on microservices architecture which enables rapid development of our systems and their flexibility.

Provide qualified teams of specialists – Our Team Leasing model provides teams of developers that support our clients at every stage of developing every component of their solutions.

Provide necessary resources – our specialists support our clients in completing their projects, implementing new solutions and outsourcing.



BOS is a light core banking system and a middle and back office digital solution for FinTech and challenger banks. BOS is characterized by multiple product independent software modules delivering mono-line product solutions in multi-brand organizations. BOS is based on a microservices architecture, is cloud-enabled and has an open API. Furthermore, its low-code framework and integrated tool-set allow to extend and adapt the application with little, or no programming. Granular services can be developed and orchestrated to achieve the desired business product.


Catalog of Products and Services

KPiU is a system supporting product and service management for banking and finance. It defines banking products and services and manages their availability for the clients. The KPiU’s centralized and management system for product portfolios provides clarity and coherence




ExtLab is a client-provider cooperation concept that recognizes and benefits from the specific strengths of the engaging parties, and at the same time, notices and addresses their problems. In the ExtLab model, our clients are provided with a high-quality service ensured by teams of carefully selected specialists. With their knowledge of the field and a vast experience we became fully equipped to complete even the most complex and challenging projects.



Outsourcing IT specialists
We realize that cost effectiveness and flexibility is fundamental. In order to provide high-end services to our clients we not only provide them with our teams of developers, but also take care of all the formalities. Since we rely on experience and value innovation, we choose to invest in the professional growth of our specialists. Therefore, our clients can benefit from the cutting-edge solutions and the comprehensive expertise provided by our teams.

Team Leasing
We have been building, developing and training our teams of programmers for many years. For that reason, our clients can benefit not only from our experience and knowledge, but also from well tested models of programming. Each project is taken care of by a carefully selected group of well qualified specialists. Such an approach ensures a cost effective model of client-provider cooperation. INCAT is responsible for all formal aspects of the cooperation, settling accounts, trainings and increasing competence. We value establishing close relationships with our clients, providing high-quality services, and full transparency.


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