Our client is one of the dynamically developing European fintechs that offers a payment application with a virtual payment card. As part of the application, our client provides, among others exchange of currencies on attractive terms, multi-currency payment cards, insurance for online shopping, with a guarantee of immediate cashback in the event of a return of goods, as well as cashback for transactions in partner retail chains. In this project, INCAT acts as a technology partner and supplier of the main transaction system.

What is BOS?

BOS is a comprehensive transaction system based on the microservice architecture, dedicated to fintechs and modern financial institutions, such as challenger banks, digital banks and neo-banks. In the architecture of a financial institution, BOS acts as the customer’s data and transaction processing center, at the same time giving the possibility to implement financial products, attractive from the end customer’s perspective.

Our system enables the implementation and launch of the back-end layer in the client’s application or solution, including transaction, payment and account modules, while maintaining the highest compliance with regulatory and cybersecurity requirements.

What were the client’s needs?

In order to be able to offer his solution on the commercial market, the client needed a highly scalable transaction system that would enable rapid growth and would meet the rapidly growing number of transactions and application clients, without downtime and in accordance with the requirements set by the legislator.

In addition to the above, the client’s requirements included addressing all back-office functionalities required for keeping clients’ accounts and providing payment services, along with the possibility of the fastest possible functional and product development.

BOS’ s role in this project

The functionalities of BOS address all business and technical requirements of the client, and the architecture of microservices allows for high flexibility in terms of the development of the financial offer. BOS’s modern product modules support the creation of a client’s offer and building a business and marketing advantage on the commercial financial market.

The biggest challenge of implementation

The biggest challenge while working on the project was the wide range of functionalities that had to be implemented, as well as the need to integrate with external modules in such a way as to comprehensively aggregate data within the General Ledger. We were able to address these requirements in accordance with the client’s expectations, using the full potential of the BOS system and its multitude of business and technological possibilities.

Key areas of customer business support

1. Processing of customer data
2. Account management
3. Processing transfers and payments
4. Full functionality of the General Ledger
5. Currency Cascade – a product module that enables efficient currency exchange and payments in multiple currencies within the application
6. Cashback – a module that enables the launch of an affiliate program, offering refunds for purchases made in stores of the affiliate network.


Thanks to the implementation of BOS, the client obtained:

● A fully functional back-office module of the payment application
● Meeting high performance requirements of several million monthly transactions
● Possibility of product development based on the BOS microservices architecture
● Product module: cashback, currency cascade
● Full integration with the General Ledger
● System compliance with regulatory and safety requirements