Catalog of Products and Services

KPiU is a system supporting product and service management for banking and finance. It defines banking products and services and manages their availability for the clients. The KPiU’s centralized and management system for product portfolios provides clarity and coherence in the areas of:

  • Defining the product
  • Establishing product’s availability
  • Standarizing and optimizing the sales management
  • Standarizing and optimizing the product management

Key features of the system:

  • central repository of products and services
  • complete repository of product documentation
  • limited time offers
  • creating sets of products
  • product information portals
  • handling multiple environments

KPiU as a source of information about:

  • classifcation of banking products and services
  • specification of products
  • availability of products
  • product portfolios
  • procedures, regulations and documentation related to a given product

Implementing KPiU results in:

Increasing product management efficiency

  • Clear, user-friendly interface
  • Versioning of product branches
  • Supporting business processes
  • Managing product portfolios

Organizing product scheme through:

  • a coherent and flexible model of organizing data
  • precise mappings
  • a complete model of system integration
  • elimination of product definition overlaps

Sales process support

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