The dynamics of the market is changing rapidly. Due to the growing demand for the development of standard and dedicated software solutions, it became necessary to put an emphasis on improving the line of communication between the actual users of a software and its creators. The prevailing methods of client-provider business interaction include either the direct Fixed Price orders, or body-leasing and Time&Material contracts used mainly by enterprises that suffer from the lack of developers on board. Although both of the above types of business relationships have their advantages, they are far from ideal, for they simultaneously entail a certain, specific to each kind, amount of drawbacks.

ExtLab is a client-provider cooperation concept that recognizes and benefits from the specific strengths of the engaging parties, and at the same time, notices and addresses their problems.

In the ExtLab model, our clients are provided with a high-quality service ensured by teams of carefully selected specialists. With their knowledge of the field and a vast experience we became fully equipped to complete even the most complex and challenging projects.


The ExtLab model provides:

  • a complete team of specialists who have already proven their efficiency in completing technologically diversified projects.
  • an assistance of experts specializing in the field of IT solutions for banking and finance
  • a complete control and supervision over all of the software development processess and stages.
  • better quality at lower cost
  • effective Clearing, Payment and Settlement systems
  • optimized working environment
  • cutting-edge software development standards


INCAT bears responsibility for:

  • creating stable working environment
  • selecting well-trained and highly competent specialists
  • providing necessary equipment and tools for software development
  • ensuring efficiency and meeting the deadlines
  • delivering a high-quality software

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